Products and Services:


We have two storage grain plants:

San Andrés de Giles

Located in Scully Av. And Diagonal Morgan, near the railway station, in the industrial area. There you can find the administrative center and acquire the services that we bring to the agricultural producers.

Carmen de Areco

Situated in rout 7 km 128,500, near Carmen de Areco. It’s equipped with technology that allows a quick reception, conditioning and storage of the grain. Heavy was the place where we first started our Company, which then expanded to San Andrés de Giles.

All of our plants are equipped with modern systems which allow us to do the correct conditioning and drying of the grains, and later shipment to the port or factory which were destined to.

Also, we have a modern laboratory where we can determine the quality of the grains that enter to the storage, and the percentage of proteins and gluten in the wheat.