Products and Services:

Balanced Food

Because of the trust that our customers have shown us from the beginning, we were able to get into the market of balanced food, which represents today an important pillar in our Company.

Balanced Food Factory

The factory is located in San Andrés de Giles, in front of the storage plant. It has been inaugurated in 2012. It works hand in hand with our inactivating soybeans machine, from which we obtain one of the supplies of the balanced food.

Today we mainly make food for fowls and pigs. We have our own brand but we can also develop mixes as customer´s preference.

The Factory is equipped with modern technology and has severe control measures and security to obtain an excellent product.

Also, it is regulated by SENASA, RUCA (Registro Único de la Cadena Agroalimentaria), OPDS (Organismo Provincial para el Desarrollo Sostenible) and other such organizations.