Cosechas Argentinas

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We are a Company situated in San Andrés de Giles, a small town in Buenos Aires, Argentina, providing agricultural services since 1979.

Our main services are the grain and oleaginous storage, the production and sale of seeds, the sale of agrochemicals, the transport and logistics and the consulting for producer.

A few years after our settlement, we started adding value to the raw material with the Inactivating Soybean Machine that we have installed. Later, we continued making progress with our Balanced Food Factory. Soon we are going to inaugurate an Oilcan to grind soybean.

The area of influence includes San Andrés de Giles, San Antonio de Areco, Carmen de Areco, Mercedes and Luján.

The personalized service to our customers, the reliability, the security, the dedication and the passion are the main things that have led us, with more than 37 years in the market, to be recognized as a strong company which is in constant develop.


Our mission is to add value to all of the services we provide through a strong work and compromise of the work team, always honoring the environment.


Our vision is to be a Company with quality products, recognized in the grain market and derivates, and keeping its environmental and social responsibility.

We think that respect, compromise, team work, innovation and the quality of our products are the main values that identify us as a Company.